Redefining Writing Process through Technological Advancements

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For a while, sit back and think how did you learn writing? What was the first thing you wrote? Who taught you writing? What were the steps involved?

Most of you will answer that they learnt through a writing practice book and a pencil in hand. We all learnt through a similar set of writing skill. Thinking, drafting, editing, revising and finalizing. Our teachers normally use to check that stuff and gave us remarks on that and it gets ended here.

But now if you ask a child how did he learnt writing he will probably answer that through computer. The point when machines entered into the mathematical statement, we digitized the methodology. Even now there are some organizations that provide assignment writing facility service through digital medium. In place of forming and illustrating on paper, we joined realistic coordinator devices, for example Inspiration or Mindmeister. Learners and educators started to draft digitally with word transforming projects, and it got conceivable to offer reaction by embeddings remarks or writing straightforwardly into the report. Not just did these growths add productivity to the methodology, however they additionally took into consideration finished attempts to be distributed to the web. With Writing 2.0, the procedure got open.

In the movement from Writing 1.0 to 2.0, we digitally upgraded an existing process. Assuming that we inspected it through the viewpoint of Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s Samr model, we may have ventures from “substitution” to “growth,” permitting the innovation to give “practical change.” With IPads, the objective ought not to be to apply the paper or computerized techniques in the same route, yet to think about how we can influence the competencies of the gadget keeping in mind the end goal to “alter” and “redefine” what’s conceivable.noteshelf-ipad

Forming & Drafting

With IPads, composing has coming to be versatile, not just as in we can compose anyplace – in a few ways, we could do that with paper – however that we can utilize the apparatuses and characteristics of the units to platform our procedure both as far as the yield and the data.

Writing Products

Provided that the studying target is to specialty a well-composed postulation articulation and arranges supporting portions into sound sections, then an exposition is totally the right decision for a written work item. Truth be told, having the ability to convey unmistakably through composition proceeds to be a basic aptitude. Nonetheless, composition does not just intimate piece based assignments.


With the technological advancement, the whole educational process has changed. It more digitalized than ever before.

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